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In an increasingly digital world, an online presence has become a necessity for the success of businesses and public figures. As we are now defined by our online presence, a custom domain (URL) serves as one of the most important tools a business owner, public figure, or even a regular person can have.

Having your own URL—one that identifies you or your business—grounds your online presence by providing you with an online home, a place in which you can refer people. Owning your domain allows you to deepen your brand identity.

Your URL also helps you control what potential customers or viewers see when they search for you. Google and other search engines tend to weigh the words in domain names heavily, which means that if someone were to search your first name and last name, you would have more significant control over the first information they see.

Clearly, custom URLs are important in establishing online presences, but some URLs are better than others. With the introduction of new TLD’s, or Top Level Domains, such as .solutions, .real estate or .online, it’s easier than ever to get a domain that fits your business model. 

Choosing a Domain

If you are If you have a popular name (eg. John Smith or Sarah Jones), your “.com” is likely already taken, so you may have to get creative. You may need to use your middle name or something else that identifies you within your domain name.

Aim to purchase a simple, fairly short, and memorable domain name that accurately represents your business or brand identity.

A clean URL– free of special characters or hashtags– will optimize your website for search engines, which will make you or your business easy to find.

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