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Content marketing is dominant in the current age of online marketing, but far too many businesses limit their ‘content’ to endless blog posts and the occasional video.

Savvy marketers, however, know how to leverage the unique traits of the infographic, a form of content as potent as it is underutilized.

Here are just a few of the benefits the infographic has to offer:

 Grabbing and holding attention

One of the most useful aspects of infographics as content lay in their potential to grab and hold attention. Full of visuals and graphics, a good infographic can convey just as much information as a wall of text or lengthy video without requiring the same perceived investment that either of those formats suggests.

It may take a reader just as long to go through an infographic as it would to read an article or watch a video on the subject, but they won’t perceive it that way.

Sharing potential

For the same reason an infographic can easily grab and maintain the attention of a viewer, it holds exceptional sharing potential. People aren’t nearly as quick to follow a link to read a lengthy article or watch a video—but they’ll read through an infographic that pops up online.


By including visual elements, you gain a lot of potential for branding with an infographic that you don’t get from the same content conveyed via text. A video offers similar potential, but accordingly requires a much greater budgetary investment—and isn’t nearly as accessible.

Some forms of branding will work better in infographic form than video form anyway, making this a pure win for the infographic.

Overall, the potential of an infographic lay primarily in its ability to offer the flash and appeal of a video or text with a fraction of the effort from you or from the viewer. Leverage them well, and you’ll see the real potential of content marketing open up in a big way.