Analytics are the measuring stick for your website.

Our Managed Analytics packages will help you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your website from page views to click through rate,
they are the measuring stick of site usability.

What is Managed Analytics exactly?

Managed Analytics is the ongoing monthly collection, measurement and analysis of data gathered from your website to provide a better understanding of user behavior across your entire website.

Our Managed Analytics platform measures the activity and behavior on your website and then we can use this data to measure and benchmark site performance, review key performance indicators, and provide custom analysis of your data and assist with the pages that suffer from low conversion rates as well as provide detailed assessments of page quality, strengths and weaknesses. All of this will tell you how the data on individual pages is performing and whether or not potential customers are progressing through the anticipated sales channel from any particular page.

Why is Managed Analytics so important?

There’s an old business adage that says “whatever is worth doing is worth measuring” and Managed Analytics are essentially the measuring stick for your website.  Managed website analytics provide insights and data that can be used to create a better user experience for both prospective and existing customers that visit your website.

Understanding customer behavior is also key to optimizing your website for key conversion metrics.  For example, our Managed Analytics platform will show you the most popular pages on your website, the most popular paths to purchase, the most commonly clicked buttons, and much much more.

With our Managed Website Analytics services and platform, you can also accurately track the effectiveness of any online marketing campaign to help your team make more informed decisions on future efforts.

Analytics Service Packages


Web Site Audit & Analysis

Starting at $250.00

Comprehensive Audit & Analysis

We have developed and maintain a variety of tools we use to assemble comprehensive, actionable reports. Depending upon your needs and your audit depth, our analysis may include some or all of the following:

  • Full Audit Analysis
  • Error Reporting
  • Strength & Weaknesses Analysis
  • Opportunity & Threat Analysis
  • Priority Scorecard
  • Recommendation Summary
  • Remediation Proposal


Managed Analytics

Starting at $125.00 / month

Proactive Monthly Analytics Reporting

The ongoing monthly collection, measurement and analysis of data gathered from your website.

  • WordPress Analytics Dashboard
  • Monthly site assessment
  • Ensure your domain has not been blacklisted
  • Ensure all DNS records accurate and in place
  • Install and monitor filters to prevent / eliminate spam traffic
  • Collect real-time Audience Data
  • Collect real-time Audience Behavior
  • Collect real-time Campaign Data
  • Collect real-time Conversion Statistics


Managed PLUS (Ongoing) Analytics

Starting at $500.00 / month

Supercharged Analytics & Strategy

Includes ALL the features of Managed Analytics plus:

  • Proactive internal monthly review of all site statistics and key performance indicators.
  • Prepare and deliver a Quarterly analytics summary report.
  • Provide insights, recommendations and go-forward marketing assessments.
  • Analytics training to help you better understand your analytics and key performance indicators.
  • Ongoing tag management, filters and event tracking based on marketing objectives.
  • Incorporation of a wide variety of analytics services, testing and optimization services.

How does Managed Analytics work?

Our Managed Analytics platform uses a combination of ‘tags’ and ‘filters’ which are strategically implemented on the pages of your website to collect data.   Using the tags and filters, we can gather data from your website each time a visitor clicks a link or visits a page. The tags and filters can also gather other information such as devices being used, browsers being used, geographic location, and much more.

Our Managed Website Analytics services can include the use of “cookies” to track individual sessions and determine repeat visits from the same browsers or devices.  Since some users delete cookies, and browsers have various restrictions around code, no analytics platform can claim 100% accuracy of the data, however with strategic deployment and configuration, the data being collected is still very accurate and can be a very powerful tool for building and executing your overall online marketing strategy.

Examples of data collected with Managed Analytics

All of our Managed Analytics customers will have an Analytics Dashboard installed in the Admin section of their WordPress site which will display real-time information about your website.  The dashboard can be customized by user persona, data range, and other attributes as required.

As the data is collected is it broken down into more meaningful segments and categories to make it easier to understand and use.  Your dashboard will typically contain such as:

Audience Data

  • Number of visits, number of unique visitors to your site
  • New vs returning visitor ratios
  • What country and/or geographic area a visitor is from
  • What browser or device a visitor is using (desktop vs mobile)

Audience Behavior

  • Most commonly used landing pages (where a visitor enters the site)
  • Most common exit page (where a visitor leaves the site)
  • Most frequently visited pages
  • Length of time spent per visit
  • Number of pages viewed per visit
  • Bounce rate (percentage of site visits that are single-page sessions)

Campaign Data

  • Which marketing campaigns drove the most traffic to your website
  • Which websites are referring the most traffic to your website
  • Which keywords and keyword strings are driving traffic to your website
  • Campaign medium performance rates (email vs social media vs pay-per-click)

What is a “Conversion”?

Conversion occurs when a visitor to your website completes a predetermined action on the site such as clicking a button.  Conversions do not have to be tied to monetary goals, and common examples are when a site visitor completes an order, clicks a button, submits a lead generation form, reaches a specific page, or completes an other goal of interest on the website. Conversions are tracked and recorded as an absolute number in the Managed Analytics system and can be thought of as the number of people who took a certain action which you were hoping or expecting them to take as the result of your calls to action on the site.

Why is “Conversion” important?

Conversions are a key metric because the number is used as the basis for calculating the “conversion rate”.  Conversions are the lifeblood of conversion rate optimization and without them there would be no way to determine the success of a marketing campaign or A/B test. Conversion numbers should not be analyzed on their own, however, as they have little value until they are placed within the context of sample size and duration.

There’s an old business adage that says “whatever is worth, doing is worth measuring”.  Managed Analytics are essentially the measuring stick for your website.

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