Here at Mosaic Data Services & Analytic Design, we have not only assembled a team of very experienced professionals who are committed to providing the highest level of service, support and satisfaction…but a team that is perhaps the MOST INTERESTING team in the world for a variety of reasons.

The MOST INTERESTING people in the world!

We have not only assembled a team of very experienced professionals who are committed to providing the highest level of service, support and satisfaction…but a team that is perhaps the MOST INTERESTING team in the world for a variety of reasons.

We are committed to providing exceptional support and service. Our success has been built on building long-standing relationships that exceed expectations related to reliability, security, performance, service and communication. If you are already our customer, thank you. If you are considering Mosaic, we look forward to sharing this commitment with you.

Leadership Team

Jason Bach

President & Business Development

301-399-3900 x7013

Innovative thinker and successful technology entrepreneur, Jason Bach has been working as both an Executive and Entrepreneur for more than 25 years. Jason has literally been in the trenches working “hands-on” to build and expand the availability, usefulness and acceptance of the Internet and many of the technologies which have evolved from it since the late 1990s.

Jason Bach is the Founder, President & CEO of Mosaic Data Services, Inc. a nearly 20-year old Cloud-Based Internet Solutions & Hosting company founded in 2000 and based in Washington DC. Mosaic provides a wide range of web hosting, software-as-a-service (SaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), server colocation and datacenter management solutions to thousands of customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and across the country.

Jason is also Co-Founder and Partner of Mid-Atlantic Technology Partners, LLC, a technology consortium established to identify and engage with emerging and innovative technology solutions providers with a focus on bringing new, exciting and exceptional technologies to market.

Joshua Martin

Director of Operations

301-399-3900 x7021

Josh joined Mosaic Data Services in July 2016. With more than ten years in customer service and networking systems Josh wears a variety of hats for Mosaic including client support, network maintenance & security, and web content development. He is also a very interesting person…he once made a weeping willow laugh. In museums, he IS allowed to touch the art. He once won a fight using only his beard. Bear hugs are what he gives to BEARS. He once ran a marathon, because it was “on the way” and he is the only person we know who IS ALLOWED to talk about fight club. He’s amazing and he is the most interesting NOC Engineer in the world.

Tanya Amaya

Director of Web & Analytic Design

301-399-3900 x7023

Tanya is the founder of Analytic Design, a web design and marketing firm, which strategically aligned with Mosaic Data Services in April 2019. She is the Director of Web & Analytic Design services and is well-known for her strategic imagination in aligning business goals with creative strategy and expression. Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, Tanya has built a reputation for developing online strategies for growth. Tanya has successfully led brand strategy, creative design, search engine optimization and digital marketing engagements for a variety of clients. Her experience runs across a variety of industries—including international development, high-performance homes, career development, litigation, data analytics, technology, healthcare, retail, consumer products and professional services provided globally.

She currently teaches design and marketing courses for small business owners as part of SCORE, a network of business mentors.

Relationships Team

Jessica Z.

Project Manager / Coordinator

301-399-3900 x7025

An avid animal lover, deadline-orientated self-starter with a hands-on approach to managing and streamlining an organization’s daily operations, Jessica functions as the project coordinator for ADMDS. Effective at communicating across teams of professionals to meet objectives, Jessica is responsible for project management and providing day-to-day communication with the project team to ensure projects remain on schedule and within budget. A team player and with a broad background in communications, Jessica holds an excellent track record of strong working relationships with organizations of all sizes.

Raphael P.

Relationship Manager

301-399-3900 x7025

Raphael excels at his work. He is the first point of contact for Mosaic’s clients to address any and all day-to-day service issues and requests, and then facilitate the ongoing management of every client relationship. Raphael assists (and truly enjoys) developing stronger relationships with frequent contact and addressing customer needs, but does not focus on development and engineering issues.

Network Operations Team

Justin O.

Network Operations Manager


As Network Operations Manager, Justin is responsible for the creation and execution of mission critical assets, which support Mosaic’s hosting, colocation and networking infrastructure. Additionally, his team is responsible for the installation, maintenance and operations of Mosaic’s data center, network and computing infrastructure. He works with senior leadership to approve all major infrastructure decisions, as well as, establish technology standards for those facilities. Justin joined Mosaic in this capacity in October of 2013.

Tudor P.

Network Administrator


Tudor comes to Mosaic with an extensive background in telecommunications engineering and operations. As a Network Administrator, Tudor is responsible for the engineering, architecture, and operations of the network. He is also in charge of virtual dedicated servers, network monitoring, and day-to-day datacenter and network operations.

Volodymyr M.

Systems Administrator


As Systems Administrator, Volo is responsible for helping to keep Mosaic’s virtualization and backup systems running smoothly. He is also responsible for maintaining the VPS and VDS deployment systems. Volodymyr joined MDS in 2014, where he has provided his considerable technical expertise and skills to the Network Operations Center (NOC) team.

Web & Analytics Team

Dimitrios T.

Lead Web Developer

301-399-3900 x7015

Dimitrios is the life blood of Mosaic Data Services. He has been with Mosaic since 2011 and his beard alone has more experience than most lesser developer’s entire bodies. When he is walking on the street, Police Officers ask HIM questions just because they find him interesting. Dimitrios has won the lifetime achievement award, twice. Most importantly however, he is a great looking guy who is fluent in all languages, including three that only HE speaks or understands. He is, indeed, the most interesting Lead Developer in the world.

Shailesh O.

Web Developer


Shailesh is a codeaholic, and spends his free time educating himself so he stays up to date across his many areas of expertise. He is a full stack developer with over 15 years of experience with PHP, .Net, Laravel, JavaScript, Jquery, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, among many others. His day to day work includes website and application development across many industries and development projects.

Giannis D.

Web Developer

301-399-3900 x7020

Giannis is an expert with WordPress and has spent years working with and converting sites over from a variety of CMS and Ecommerce platforms. He is also a very interesting person. For example, werewolves are jealous of his beard. He once taught a German shepherd how to bark in Greek. No less than 25 Greek folk songs have been written about his beard. Sharks have a week dedicated to him. The dark is afraid of him and in Greece, his two cents are worth $37.50 US! He is, indeed, the most interesting Senior Developer in the world.

Randall E.

Analytics Manager


Randall has extensive experience in media and website content analysis. Randall has worked with clients across multiple industries, ranging from large corporate to small advocacy work. His background is in secondary research, with extensive experience in traditional and social media analysis and measurement, competitive intelligence and benchmarking methodologies using a wide-variety of technology platforms both proprietary and open-source. He is a big fan of advanced search operators. His goal is to work together to ensure your analytics are giving you the information you need to improve and scale your business.

Maryann M.

Managed Hosting / Managed Analytics

301-399-3900 x7015

Maryann is the manager of all the Managed Hosting and Managed Analytics accounts at Mosaic. She is also responsible for all our social media and digital media presence. Maryann has been working in Digital Marketing industry for nearly 10 years and has extensive experience in managing online marketing campaigns, local and organic search visibility, analytics and much more.

Finance Team

Karol B.

Finance / Accounting

301-399-3900 x7018

Karol is a graduate of the University of Maryland and is currently responsible for overseeing all aspects of our Customer Service and the management of Finance. She is great at her job and very interesting. It was recently learned that when Karol sings in the shower, the birds stop, gather round and listen. When she sends out an invoice, the Customers CALL HER to make payment. She has inside jokes with people she’s never met. Roses stop to smell her and her shadow has been on the “best dressed” list, twice. In fact, Presidents take HER birthday off and most importantly, she is considered a national treasure in countries she hasn’t even visited! She is the best and most definitely, the most interesting Bookkeeper in the world.
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