Here at Mosaic, we have assembled a team of experienced professionals who are committed to providing the highest level of service, support and satisfaction.  It is our commitment to all our customers and partners to meet or exceed expectations every single day.

Mosaic Tech Partners™


Mosaic Tech Partners™ is a family of web & cloud services based service areas within Mosaic consisting of Mosaic Data Services™, Analytic Design™ and Hyperscale Digital Marketing™.  Each of these services areas work in unison to provide a perfectly choreographed system which allows us to design, build, measure and maintain highly sophisticated WordPress oriented web presence for companies and organizations large and small throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond.

Mosaic Data Services™ provides all our underlying infrastructure, hosting, networking and security.  Mosaic Tech Partners™ was built on the datacenter and hosting products and services that have been refined and optimized by Mosaic Data Services for more than 20 years.

Analytic Design™ provides all our web presence services including web design, user experience and web development.  All of these services take advantage of our proven Analytic Design™ methodology which incorporates web design and development elements specifically engineered to provide meaningful data gathering and intelligence for the purpose of driving future marketing and branding strategy.

Hyperscale Digital Marketing™ provides all our ongoing digital marketing, visibility and automation services.  Hyperscale is a critical component to longevity of any web presence and layers a highly sophisticated marketing engine on top of solid web presence which is driven by the more reliable, optimized and secure web hosting in the industry.

Leadership Team

Jason Bach

President & CEO of Mosaic Tech Partners
Mosaic Data Services, Inc.

301-399-3900 x7013

Mosaic Tech Partners™ is a family of web & cloud services based business units consisting of Mosaic Data Services™, Analytic Design™ and Hyperscale Digital Marketing™; and it’s Jason’s innovative thinking and vision as an entrepreneur which has resulted in the evolution of Mosaic from a infrastructure and hosting company to a more full service web presence & digital marketing organization. Within this framework, Jason serves as both an Executive and Entrepreneur. He has literally been in the trenches working “hands-on” to build and expand the availability, usefulness and acceptance of the Internet, corporate web infrastructure and a wide variety of technologies which have evolved from it since the late 1990s.

Jason Bach is the Founder, President & CEO of Mosaic Data Services, Inc. a nearly 20-year old Cloud-Based Internet Solutions & Hosting company founded in 2000 and based in Washington DC. Mosaic provides a wide range of web hosting, software-as-a-service (SaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), server colocation and datacenter management solutions to thousands of customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and across the country.

Jason is also Co-Founder and Partner of Mid-Atlantic Technology Partners, LLC, a technology consortium established to identify and engage with emerging and innovative technology solutions providers with a focus on bringing new, exciting and exceptional technologies to market.

Tanya Amaya

Director of Analytic Design

301-399-3900 x7023

Tanya is the Director of our Analytic Design division and is a creative strategy veteran. She is well-known for her strategic imagination in aligning business goals with creative strategy and expression. Tanya has built a reputation for developing online strategies for growth while at the same time embracing the core values of integrity, communication and innovation. Tanya has successfully led wide variety of brand strategy, creative design, user experience and digital marketing engagements for clients large and small. Her experience runs across a variety of industries—including international development, high-performance homes, career development, litigation, data analytics, technology, healthcare, retail, consumer products and professional services provided globally.

Tanya helps clients create more authentic, compelling, differentiating, and relevant brand strategies, brand identities, content strategies and assets, websites, and marketing campaigns. She has enabled clients ranging from multi-million-dollar global enterprises to entrepreneurial small businesses to more effectively express their services and benefits, expand market perceptions. Tanya has helped them to optimize competitiveness, consistently improve marketing metrics, and increase market share using her proven Analytic Design web development methodology. Her consistent success for her clients ties directly to her leadership coupled with the quality and experience of her team, their approach to serving clients, and her creative, technical, and management capabilities.

Josh Martin

Director of Mosaic Data Services

301-399-3900 x7021

Josh is the Director of Mosaic Data Services and joined in July 2016. With more than ten years in customer service and networking systems Josh wears a variety of hats for Mosaic including client support, network maintenance & security, and web content development. As Director of Operations, Josh is responsible to oversee and ensure stability across the Mosaic data center and network infrastructure. Additionally, his team is responsible for the installation, maintenance and operations of Mosaic’s data center, network and computing infrastructure. He is part of the senior leadership team and oversees on all major infrastructure decisions and technology standards.