We LOVE our customers, and they LOVE us back!

Analytic Design’s prime directive is to work together with every Customer to inform, guide and educate them on the benefits of developing a solid technology strategy and to become their trusted PARTNER!  We are powered by Mosaic, and take pride in providing unreserved effort in our mission to help our Customers harness the power and benefits of the Internet and it’s many related technologies…and do it with a smile in our voice!

“Holy crap…these guys are super smart AND super nice!”

“The guys at Mosaic are super-smart and have helped my business in countless ways.  They figure out the answers to problems very quickly and fix them…all with a smile in their voice.  I can’t imagine running my business without them.  They are my “go to” guys for hosting and all things email!” 

– Heather Cox, Mighty Little Web Shop

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