Google Website Analytics and Data

Knowing how your site is PERFORMING in Analytics and Data is essential.

Building your brand is a multistep process. Often, business owners create their website with the thought that word of mouth will be enough to get their website moving. The have invested time, money and energy into their online platform, so people should just come. Right? You don’t need to worry about analytics and data. 

Wrong! Building a solid website is only the first step to building your brand and business online. Are you providing your visitors what they need to be able to take the steps you want them to? Are they stopping more on one page than another? Are you using social media- and focusing on the social media platforms that are making the most difference for YOUR business? Do you know the answers to these questions? This is where analytics and data come in.

You have to know what is working, what isn’t, and what trends will make your site the next “must read” stop for visitors each day.Tracking visitors to your website is essential in order to retain and convert these visitors into leads, sales, and repeat visitors. We can analyze this data to determine which traffic sources, search engines, advertising sources, or referral sources provide the highest quality traffic to his or her website.

Analytics allows you to learn more about your audience.

Every single individual that lands on your website is different. They have different intentions, and Analytics allows you to analyze the behavior of your audience. This data enables you to make changes to your website in order to provide a better user experience.

  • Detailed visitor demographic data and how the behavior of certain types of users can be tracked against “typical” visitors
  • How our traffic aligns with our goals, and how visitors actually progress through our goal funnels
  • Our conversion paths, and the (often convoluted) route that visitors take from first action to conversion
  • Unusual traffic patterns and the underlying reasons for sudden shifts
  • How traffic trends compare to previous time periods

Discover where your most valuable visitors come from.

Understanding where your visitors come from is just as important as understanding who they are. Analytics allow you to dig deep into your traffic sources as well as the visitor flow. Traffic sources identify the “where” such as search engines, other websites, or advertising sources. The visitor flow identifies the “how” and this includes information such as keywords searched to find your website and the type of device they used to browse your website.

Understand what your visitors do while they are on your website.

Imagine if you could see what your visitors did when they landed on your website – what pages they visited and when they left? Well, with Analytics you can do this and then some. Our flow visualization allows you to take an in-depth look into the travel path of each visitor, from where they originate all the way until they leave your website. This data can help you determine what pages and pieces of content lead to the most conversions and which ones lead to visitors bouncing from your website. A bounce is where someone views your website and leaves without looking at another page.

Bottom line- business owners are on a budget, and in order to succeed, you need to have a solid plan. You cannot create a plan without having all the information that allows you to make a decision. The big decision- WHERE to spend the money and focus on for the best results.

Analytics is increasingly finding its way into every corner of the business. Driving operational efficiencies and facilitating growth are baseline analytics-driven priorities for businesses today. As companies improve performance, they begin to focus on more advanced use cases such as automating business operations, enabling new business models, and predicting customer behavior.

We Offer:

  • Data Strategy
  • Website Tracking
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  • Form and Video Tracking
  • Email Campaign Tracking
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Our expert consultants will partner with you to improve performance, enhance infrastructure and stimulate growth using analytics and data. We work with mid size corporations, government entities and startups to provide expert solutions in the areas of digital marketing, coding, creative services, graphic design, UX/UI design, and website development. We seek to build long-term relationships with our clients and become their trusted marketing partner.