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With the rise of social media, it seems surprising that email still has the largest outreach.

email marketing solutions

There are approximately 4.9 billion email accounts as per a report published in 2017 – that is more than active Facebook (1 billion) and Twitter (225 million) accounts combined!

Therefore, your mailing list is definitely a valuable marketing asset for your firm.

To make the most of email marketing, many software and programs have been launched in the market, and Active Campaign is one of them.

Active Campaign is a one-stop solution program for email marketing, it helps you to design email marketing campaigns, automated emails, and marketing processes that save time and effort to increase your engagement with customers and sales.

You can use the plus version of Active Campaign that comes with CRM integration to automate sales process of your firm.

Choosing an Email Automation Tool

You can use Active campaign for small to large scale businesses seamlessly. Active campaign can provide several solutions in a nominal amount of $9 a month.

Use a Third-Party Tool Instead of Outlook

There are certain features missing from outlook, for instance, the unsubscribe button in an email. And because providing users an easy way to opt of emailing services is required by law, using a third-party tool is a clever idea.

Protect Privacy

Protecting customer privacy is vital to maintaining customer loyalty. Done wisely, it can create customer goodwill and even lift sales, while reducing business and legal risks.

Protect the privacy of your customers means refusing to ever sell, or share the information to a third party, even if you have it disclosed in the privacy policy.

Be Yourself

Be yourself in the emails you send, voice your opinion, show your fun side to the world. Show your users that they’re communicating with real people and not getting automated emails.

Automate Syncing Contacts with Your CRM

Automated contact syncing will save a lot of time and effort. It will also prevent risks such as duplicate emails or adding people who have unsubscribed.

Leverage from Email Automation

Your one-time customers are more likely to buy from you again, so definitely keep them on your email list! But don’t be too sales-oriented, instead, keep your tone suggestive.

Your Automated Emails Should Not Sound Robotic

Don’t make your email a broacher for your products and services, add a personalized touch to it.

Be Timely

Don’t forget to make use of the season! Be sure to greet your customers on holidays. If it may show your enthusiasm, display some of your related products.

Incorporate a Call to Action

You need to have a call to action button in your email, the best practice should be adding a link to a blog for further information about the product. Put a call to action button so the customer would know where to get the product from.

Engage customers, the longer you have their attention the likely you are near to making a sale.

Pay Attention to Unsubscribes

This is simple – change your habits, your marketing style, maybe reduce the number of emails you send, and try to make your content more enjoyable. If users are unsubscribing, there’s usually a reason. Pay attention to what your analytics are trying to tell you.

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About Tanya

Tanya Amaya is well-known for her strategic imagination in aligning business goals with creative strategy and expression and has successfully led brand design, search engine optimization and marketing engagements for a variety of clients.

Her experience runs across a variety of industries—including international development, career development, litigation, technology, healthcare, retail, consumer products and professional services provided globally.

She teaches social media, search engine optimization and lead generation workshops through SCORE and events.

Committed to elegant solutions based on analytics and powerfully simple communications, her areas of expertise include sustainable design solutions, logo design, integrated brand identity systems, brand design and strategy, print design, web design, digital media strategy, site architecture, and site marketing.

About Analytic Design

Founded by Tanya Amaya, a Washington, DC creative strategy veteran, Analytic Design is a privately held, full-service strategic design firm. We operate under an optimized consultant model that has proven for years over many client engagements to be scalable, flexible, and cost-effective.

We have three pillars of expertise and services: Strategic Branding based on marketing goals, Website/Application Design and Development, and Technical/IT support.

We have been helping clients create more authentic, compelling, differentiating, and relevant brand strategies, brand identities, content strategies and assets, websites, and marketing campaigns since we were founded and, for many of us, well before that.

We’ve enabled clients ranging from multi-million-dollar global enterprises to entrepreneurial small businesses to more effectively express their services and benefits, expand market perceptions, optimize competitiveness, continually improve marketing metrics, and increase market share.

Our consistent successes for clients tie directly to the quality and experience of our team, our approach to serving clients, as well as our creative, technical, and management capabilities.

Analytic Design is a Certified Small, Women-Owned Business.