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It is certainly a tough decision when you have to choose between optimizing organic search or paid search for your website. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to internet marketing.  

In fact, the answer varies depending on your budget, your product, the behavior of the audience, and your marketing goals.

We have compared organic and paid research below to provide you with the insight you need to balance between PPC and SEO for your business.  Make sure to download our free easy guide to increase organic traffic to your website below.


The traffic generated from PPC ads costs loads of money while the organic traffic coming from SEO is totally free.

PPC ads appear first in the search, above the organic search results and on the sidebars of the search engine. Most of the results that you see on a web page are ads.

The organic results appear below the paid search results and that too happens only when your website is SEO optimized.

So, to secure the most coveted first 10 slots of a search engine’s results, you will be competing with hundreds, or possibly thousands of other websites if you are only using organic search techniques.


Search engines are always updating their algorithms so that search results turn up to be most relevant. Now, as SEO is dependent on these algorithms, you will need to update them regularly in order to stay on top.

PPC campaigns, however, are immune to these updates in algorithm.

Our suggestion: instead of choosing between the two strategies try to work with them in combination.

Industry CPC

Paid ads cost you money, but that cost varies among different keywords, you’ll find that some keywords are far more expensive than others. 

If your desired keywords are too expensive, you should probably rely primarily on SEO for optimization. You can use Google keyword planner tool to find out what the average cost is per click in your specific industry. Be sure to sign up for a FREE Google Ads account, before you try to use the Google keyword planner tool.

SERP Competition

The competition in the internet marketing industry for keywords is tough and big entrepreneurs dominate the market. Competition with these big shots in terms of SEO could be near to impossible.

Getting aid from paid ads can benefit your small business in this area. Refer to the Google keyword planner tool to have an insight into related keywords, terms, and phrases.

If the competition for your desired keyword is on the milder side, go for paid search. And If the competition for the keyword is aggressive, lean on SEO.

Short vs. Long Term

If you are looking for a short term boost of traffic towards your website, then go for PPC, but if you are looking for consistent traffic in the long run, you will have to invest more in SEO.

PPC is quite effective, as 50 percent of leads generated by paid ads end up in sales, but the benefits stop when the money stops.

If you want to establish strong customer relationships and build a brand image for your small business you should invest more in SEO.