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 How often do still you use local businesses, in person, and for what specific reasons?

A marketing campaign started a few years back in the UK, with an aim to encourage people, in the days of out-of-town and online shopping, to appreciate the many advantages of using local stores, businesses, and organizations. It proved to be extremely popular, which brings us to a key question for you: how often do still you use local businesses, in person, and for what specific reasons?

You’ll probably be able to compile quite a list, and these key reasons might include their convenience, instant availability, reputation, or the chance to build a personal relationship rather than to be just another anonymous customer.

Your personal preferences or experiences in this area, and probably also those of your friends and family, are important because they will help to highlight the importance of local search engine optimization for your own website – and in reference to your blogging and other social media activities.

Consider this. When looking to make use of many services, or in a search for a desired product, the searcher will frequently add local information into their search parameters. People are much more likely to enter ‘Dental surgery Greenbelt, Maryland’, ‘Birthday cake maker Baltimore’ or ‘Air conditioning service Tulsa’ than simply ask for a search across the globe.

Indeed, for many items or services, this search may be taken down to the narrower confines of a particular district within a larger city or area.

The search engine analytics can then pick up on these and help promote your business or organization in any results listing, providing you have taken the time to make sure that your SEO content is carefully localized where appropriate. It’s also important to follow through with this process, by making sure that those who arrive at your website can easily discover how to find you, perhaps through the use of Google maps.

Incidentally, many industry professionals will tell you that Google responds well to the local elements of any business listing. Other area specific information can also be vital, such as opening hours, local delivery services, and parking availability.

Why is this local search element increasingly important?

Have you ever seen pictures of early computers? They filled a whole room! Now they fit in your pocket, purse, or the palm of your hand. Some are even worn, and this will probably increase in the years to come. This is incredibly important when considering the benefits gained through local SEO activities.

Often, searches are undertaken on the move, looking for swift and nearby solutions to a problem, or for the supply of a currently-sought-after product. The swift provision of accurate information, offering that local solution or product provider can yield almost instant results. These are thoroughly warm leads, ready, and indeed eager, to interact with your business or organization.

Another benefit is gained through the building of a strong local reputation. This can be in the feedback you encourage, but also through the words of others.

Imagine you ask, on social media, where you might find a home cleaning service in Valparaiso. A friend responds with a positive experience they have enjoyed with a local company – and they might well add a link to their website.

So, taking care to make the most of the local element of your business is increasingly important. If you’d like an obligation-free chat about your local search engine optimization possibilities, please give our friendly and professional Analytic Design team a call now at 301-970-9720.