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Analytic Design, a provider of innovative and compelling business solutions is pleased to announce the website redesign project for Digging, a blog and informational website run by Pam Penick. Penick is an avid gardener, author of Lawn Gone! and The Water-Saving Garden, roving photographer, and former professional designer of many a waterwise garden in Austin, Texas.

About Digging

Penick launched Digging in 2006 in order to share her love of gardening and appreciation for the marvelous beauty of plants, gardens, and nature, and to chat it up in cyberspace with other gardeners. Digging was created to share information, educate, and connect with dirt-under-the-nails types and armchair gardeners alike.

Check the project out on our portfolio here!

About Analytic Design

Branding is about creating an online experience that transforms users into followers, customers into ambassadors. We do this by listening to you, understanding your target audience, and putting our extensive online knowledge to work on a plan that will improve your business goals and change the way you think about the potential of internet marketing.

By working with Analytic Design on a website redesign, you receive one on one personalized attention. We will work with you hand in hand to make sure that you receive an experience completely tailored to your needs, so your company can reach its full potential. All of our clients become friends, and as friends we offer the best there is. between quality, service and creativity. We offer affordable services that cater to your needs as a company or an individual. We respect our clients time, we keep our offices mobile so we can come to you. Whether you need a simple option for the just beginning entrepreneur or a more complex end to end solutions for a larger, established company, Analytic Design will work with you to bring home the look and feel you want for your customers and clients.

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