Recommended Business Books

Reading is pivotal in the success of a business. Leadership, success, trust, power dynamics, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship are what makes a difference in the books you read- you need information that you can act on, not just read and think about. The following recommended business books have been read by industry giants and have made a difference in their businesses. Many of these books have been listed as the reason why their business took off.

One common denominator when you look at many CEOs, Fortune 500 business founders and Execs across a range of industries: They have a passion for books. Warren Buffett says he spends about 80% of his entire day reading. Mark Zuckerberg challenged himself in 2015 to read a new book every other week. Bill Gates says he reads about 50 books every year.

The following books come highly recommended. We have an awesome giveaway where you can win one of these books free- we can help you choose which one depending on the stage of your business.  Happy Reading!